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Minnesota Chapter

The Minnesota Chapter is proud to be a part of the National Association of
Black Women in Higher Education (ABWHE). Building on the vision of the 13
founding (2020) members of our local chapter, we recognize the need for a
stronger Black voice in the educational affairs of our nation. Committed to
this objective, we seek to provide a forum for action related to improving the
quality of education for Blacks, and particularly for Black children, youth, and
young adults, in every aspect of learning.

Our chapter promotes the intellectual growth and educational development
of Black women in K-12 and higher education. We seek to utilize our talents,
strengths, and expertise to connect, support, and advance our vision for
quality education, equity, social justice, and positive outcomes for the
broader community.  Our members have over 100 years of experience in
these areas as well as in profit and non-profit agencies.

Our dedication to community service is reflected in our annual sponsorships
of student educational scholarships, school backpacks, and supplies,
Thanksgiving baskets and adopting a school or program, just to name a few.

Some of the faculty and staff benefits of being a member of the Minnesota
Chapter includes having space for professional and personal development,
networking, mentoring, writing opportunities, and participating in leadership
development forums, conferences, partnerships, and self-care. Students
may join the organization for the same opportunities. 


love to have you join us at the local, virtual, and/or national level
throughout the year.

Chapter Leadership

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